About the Secret Huntress

Hello! My name is Evelyne and there’s nothing secret about that.

I live in Greece and I love writing and travelling. I consider describing myself one of the hardest tasks, since I like letting people form their own opinion about me, which is something I genuinely find fascinating. I’ll tell you a few things about me and keep others a secret for you to find out through my writing! I grew up in a small village close to Athens, and my family loved travelling. Every summer we’d go to a different island, so experiencing something unique became a sweet addiction for me. I realised that the world is a huge place that I want to explore, no matter what. And that became my primary goal. To see the world. Not only by travelling though. I wanted to see the evolution, the different way of thinking, of living, of experiencing life. I remember being in a hurry to grow up, so I would be able to answer to all the ”why” I would often ask myself. A few dear friends encouraged me to publish my writing online, and here I am today, doing what I love the most; expressing myself through writing. Let’s both enjoy the journey!

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