Erin and Mark ( part 2 )

Mark was always lost inside his music. A born artist, Mark would remember few characteristics of every individual’s personality, but would mark the most important ones. He could easily forget a name or a date, but never kindness, sweetness, loyalty. His carefree nature would often be misunderstood. People often accused him of being inconsiderate, because his way of expressing affection was different. Continue reading “Erin and Mark ( part 2 )”

Nick and Marko; the cool guy and the nerd.


It was a pretty ordinary day for Nick. Or so it seemed so. He’d just woken up, had breakfast and packed his bag to get ready for school. Of course, he would pack his bag to the last minute, Nick never really liked school, he was in love with music. He dreamed of being a musician because he didn’t particularly have a good voice, but his passion for music was immense. Continue reading “Nick and Marko; the cool guy and the nerd.”