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Romance is missing.

Is that the case? Is romance really missing, or is it possible that it has evolved to the point where we don’t even recognize it anymore? Deep down, we all need the good ”old-fashioned romance” but we’re either terrified to admit it ( to ourselves and the world ) or too disappointed to believe that it exists in the first place.

Terrified, because we live in an era where apparently, romance is not ”cool” anymore. You can’t be ”swag” and romantic at the same time. You need to have that surface, the socially acceptable one, of being someone to look up to, even if that someone is not a good role model.  Unfortunately, romance is highly associated with weakness, something that makes my knees weak as well. The romantic one supposedly has the position of the victim, someone to easily take advantage of.

Disappointed, mostly because quite a few people do indeed believe that romance is a weakness and they did treat romantic people like vulnerable creatures. True romance is the actual core of raw power and people mistakenly think that is a flaw, or maybe they do acknowledge the true power hiding behind it, so they want to eliminate it, once and for all.


Social media play a major role in our lives ( or the role we let them have ) and although they are a great way of communication, I don’t think they were created to replace the essential communication but rather, to make is easier. Social media tend to have a very delicate and yet colossal power and if someone was to abuse it, values would lose their purpose and originality.

That’s how texting replaced the actual flirting and online communication reached a point where people felt safer to open up to, due to anonymity and emotional distance. Intimacy should not be something to be avoided no matter the risk. Yes, it can become messy but if we won’t risk for the people we deserve to have in our lives, what’s the point?

Now all I see is that the easy route is much more preferable, easy sex, no relationship, freedom with twisted terms to be in a perfect use for the ones altering the meaning of freedom, no emotional attachments, no meaning. I can understand that it can be fun, especially when you have (emotionally) nothing to give at that specific period of time, but the sad part is that a lot of people make it a lifestyle, killing that ”once upon a time” romance that alas, was once upon a time true.

Real intimacy is the real thing. Flirting with actual contact, romance, burning passion with meaning. It’s highly understandable for romance to be adapted with some modern features of today’s world, society, relationships. That’s one thing, and another to hide our insecurities and fears behind texting and ways of eliminating actual human contact.

Unfortunately, there are cases where intimate and romantic relationships are associated with lack of freedom, which makes people not want to be near anything that threatens their freedom. Whereas I understand the importance of our personal freedom, I prefer to have it all ; intimacy, romance and freedom all at the same time. (Im)possible? Maybe, but it’s definitely something worth fighting for~

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