Dedicated to my best bro

I know it’s not so fair to talk only from a woman’s perspective, but the male friendship should be praised by a female. Mostly due to the very common stereotype, that a male and a female can never be purely friends.  Let’s make that stereotype less common then, shall we?


Finding a true (male) friend is as hard as finding a soulmate. Because even if we can’t stand or like the idea of an erotic soulmate, we can always count on our very best friend to rely on. There is a certain group of people who even prefer a friend over a lover, which makes true and deep friendships essential.


From the very beginning of our lives, if we were to be seen ”hanging around” with a person of the opposite gender, it would be easily assumed that there is something more than friendship between them. Kids of course, don’t find it suspicious but as they grow a bit older and gain emotional awareness by witnessing adults around them, they too, begin to suspect an innocent friendship between a boy and a girl, as something more.

While that can easily be partly true, because we cannot control the individuals we will feel attraction to, especially if that person is close to us, that’s not always the case. As ideal as it might sound, to fall in love with your best friend, a best friend can indeed hold that special category and nothing more.

With that being said, there is a certain someone that comes in your mind. A someone that a lot of people might have assumed that you’re sleeping with, but in reality, there is nothing more than a dedicated, warm feeling of true friendship. It’s quite sad, if you think that there is such an innocent feeling and people will often turn it into something naughty.

That someone is your brother without the DNA connection, the one you absolutely cannot stand sometimes but also, the one you cannot imagine your life without. That sweet and annoying person who’s causing you bipolar feelings about his existence, is the one you’ll run to when you’ll need brotherly protection and an impartial and truthful opinion.

Funny thing is the two opposite sides. When you hug your bro in public, all you feel is a warm fuzzy feeling of an ultimate connection between two souls who are compatible with eachother, and the other side feels that a simple hug is suspicious.

What is the template here? That there is no way something simple could’ve happened and that everything should be infested with bizarreness in order to seem true in the eyes of our modern society?

We do claim that we live in absolute freedom and yet none of us is completely free. How can we be completely free after all, if we let our thoughts imprison us?

In order to test your ”limits” in terms of freedom, try doing something that it would ”normally” look weird and outside the norm. And let your own thought guide you. Then, decide who you want to be.~

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