Use your perception of fear to your advantage.

There isn’t a single human being alive, who’s not afraid of something.

The only difference is, others admit it and others try to hide it. It’s magnificent when you notice people and how they react to their fears, to their own selves when it comes to their fear.


One thing’s for certain; fear is a tiny little shadow that sure can cripple us if we let it.

Amazing, isn’t it. For something we can’t even see, to be there, ruling our life and mood. There’s no way you can fool fear, or run away from it. No matter how hard you pretend it’s not there, thinking you won.

The main mistake is that we try eliminating fear, we try to become completely fearless and that’s something that will never happen. Why?

As paradox as it may sound, fear is a part of our evolution. It can make us be a person we wouldn’t recognize, both good and bad. It’s like the cloak of invisibility. It’s you, standing there, being yourself and if you let the cloak cover you up, you completely disappear, even though you’re still there. But if you use the cloak wisely, you will be the one to choose when to disappear and why.

And thus, the secret is revealed. Use fear to your advantage.

Acknowledge it as a simple fact and nothing more, try not giving it way much more power than it already has, by default. Acknowledging the monster under the bed doesn’t make it less scary. But it can make you stronger by exploring ways of how to deal with it. Your primary goal, your sense of survival, (either physical or emotional) makes you reach a personal growth that you didn’t even know it was there.

Make fear your ally, get the good out of it.

You may be surprised, asking yourself, how in the world is there any good in fear? There is. And that’s motive. A motive in order to survive, to make a dream come true, to overcome something you struggle with.


“Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up”
Veronica Roth, Divergent


Facing your fears is one of the most difficult tasks you will ever come across to. You basically have to face yourself, because it’s a part of you. 

Our world, sadly, doesn’t make the fight any easier, on the contrary.  It generates valid reasons to be afraid of, and we lose our true selves building a million fortresses to protect ourselves …. from us. The most common fear is fear of the unknown. It can be truly one of the most disastrous fears ever since it’s something you’re unaware of, you don’t know what it’ll do to you and of course, your suspicion tells you that if it’s something you don’t know … it’s probably bad. Allergy to change and open-mindedness causes hate.

fear ignorance hate Ignorance is fueld by fear and they create hate
Ignorance is fueled by fear and they create hate


Imagine fear like a black glowing butterfly. It’s above you, you can’t reach it to kill it, ( no pesticides allowed in the fantasy please 😛  ) and even if you try somehow, you won’t succeed because it’s the most elusive little creature you’ve ever seen. If you try to run away from it or pretend it’s not there, you let the butterfly play with you. You’re willingly losing the game. If you admit to yourself that it’s there, you’re the one controlling the power between a bond that will never break, unless of course if you overcome your human nature.

Adulthood is great, right? 😀 Yes, it is. It’s a wonderful mystery, once you start seeing it as one.~



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