Massaoke, the new era of karaoke!

What is Massaoke?

Massaoke is the karaoke for the masses. Everybody sings along while looking at the lyrics on the screen!

I recently attended a massaoke event in London Bridge with some dear friends and the experience was unbelievable. Imagine being at the center of a huge crowd, all singing together, dancing, laughing.

The crowd becomes the center of attention

Massaoke London Bridge 2018
Massaoke London Bridge 2018

It’s like going to a concert to listen to your favorite artist, but instead, you become the artist and you start singing all the must songs that basically became a part of your DNA while listening to them. And here is a small example to what I mean. The raw energy, the almost synchronized ” dance moves ” of everyone in the crowd, makes you feel as if everyone is your friend and that for a mere moment you forget about everything and you simply start singing along with people who love music as much as you do. Because that’s the only common thing you need anyway!

Massaoke quickly became my updated obsession of karaoke and I couldn’t wait to tell anyone I know that it was an experience definitely worth living.

Creativity at its finest.

Massaoke London Bridge 2018
Massaoke London Bridge 2018

I always embrace creative ideas, so when I saw what this is all about, I decided that even more people need to know about this. Thinking of an idea

that focuses solely on the crowd and the mutual love they have for songs that wrote history, is something that amazed me. Taking an example of the youtube video, while everyone sang Mama mia, which literally made me laugh and sing at the same time because the Mama mia part was so synchronized but the ” oooohhhhh” was coming from so many different voices, like a million versions of the same epic song. The feeling was unbelievable!


The Barbie song

And there was one song. The Barbie song that had me basically laughing so hard I couldn’t even sing. Mostly because there is both a male and a female voice to the song. So just imagine every male in the crowd singing in a high pitch voice and then when it’s time for the Ken lyrics, every female in the crowd singing in a deep voice to imitate ” Ken ”. That was one of the funniest moments in the event, and the very moment I realised that’s not just a release of energy, but also extremely funny as well. Not to mention that to me, the funniest voice was my friends’ aside me, who saw me laughing and told me ” DEDICATION TO THE SONG ”.

Here are some reviews about Massaoke from other people, how they found it and what they enjoyed most about it!

So, no secret anymore, I definitely recommend attending a Massaoke event, you will absolutely cherish every moment and will create wonderful memories! If you attended a Massaoke event, comment below with your experience and the song you liked the most!

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