Music; the most powerful remedy.

It really is a very odd business that all of us, to varying degrees, have music in our heads.
― Oliver SacksMusicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain  

Ever wondered, how the world would be without music? That is, for sure, a very frightening thought. Try imagining your life without the option of listening to music whenever you feel like. Did you feel the ultimate importance?

Music by itself can only exist, it can’t do anything if you won’t choose to listen. The power is immense, one song can cause nostalgia, happiness, euphoria, sorrow, redemption. 

We can literally spend hours talking with other people about music tastes, since the top question ” what kind of music are you into? ” is the most common one after a greeting. Finding people who have the same music taste with us is a truly unique feeling, I would say a relieving one, because we feel the very first connection and it makes us feel safer towards the unknown of a person we don’t know so well. It really indicates our strong desire to share our common interests, to have people who ”get us”.

What’s remarkable though is the healing power music can have. Time and music can really have a huge impact on someone’s life, to better themselves and find something in it, that they couldn’t find anywhere else before. Either the ones creating music or simply enjoying it, those people found a shelter in it, a place where they could willingly be lost into. Having created their own reality through it, I’ve witnessed people who chose music to be their life. People who become a whole different form of living when music starts. Dancers, singers, composers, musicians, or people who just stand there full of awe, are the ones who cannot function properly without their music in their lives. They transform, we see their star, and captivated by their talent, we cannot even imagine who they were before their commitment to their passion. Anxiety and mental disorders, disabilities, low self-esteem, depression, health issues, terminal situations that could not be treated, found no place in their shelter. Because music helped them… be.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

When you are able to feel the music, you no longer need an identity. Or acceptance. Or a status. Or a clear mind. Or a healthy body. You completely surrender yourself to your desire, leaving every norm written completely useless and unnecessary, because nobody can really tell you who are you really and who can you become.

And there you stand, questioning everything you know, when you see a person like that, a living proof of their redemption, living their life with their own rules, having dedicated their own meaning to what they were meant to be; born artists.


Dedicated to the ones who willingly lost themselves in music, only to find themselves again.~


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