Overthinking is for the hardcore. For those who are willing to burn themselves at any minute and not be afraid of it, due to their admirable ability to be reborn from their ashes.  They’re mesmerizing, mute ticking time bombs; their big bang might be disastrous, but it will usually be silent.

Unfortunately nowadays, nobody can escape overthinking. Our lifestyle and modern pace of life have made us overthink and stress about the everyday life, things that should be done, how, when etc. That of course causes unavoidable stress, and stress often gives birth to overthinking. It is quite ironic, since we often overthink about issues so we wouldn’t have to stress about them; it’s the mockery of the century.


You overthink in order to find better solutions, more convenient ones, or to try organizing your thoughts, prioritize them. Or maybe because you are stuck in a situation of endless feelings with only one ending. Evolving yourself needs a bit of overthinking at first, to see and feel everything around you, open your mind to the point where you don’t judge or get hurt by situations, you simply observe them as facts and what they might cause.

While you reach certain milestones you set for yourself, you find yourself content but also, exhausted. Overthinking causes exhaustion because it requires a big amount of effort and energy. So, abusing the delicate matter of overthinking can be proven quite dangerous for us. We can easily lose our mind inside so many thoughts, lose track of time and eventually, lose the initial purpose; to make our lives better.

This is where it gets interesting. You realize that overthinking has amazing perks but also devastating cons, so you start thinking about overthinking. The irony is strong in this one, because you do end up to the conclusion that the ultimate goal of overthinking is…. not thinking so much.

Let me elaborate. Think of it as a game. You have a character you want to level up. At first, you use your mind and ways to make it happen, which is something relatively easy. As you level up though, it gets tougher and you may reach a point where, as much as you try, you just can’t seem to do it and you’re wondering why, since you put even more effort than you did in the very beginning.

The answer as to why, is quite simple. First, you need to learn how to count from one to ten. If you need to count to twenty, you don’t have to start over from zero. You have to take it from ten. Easy thought, right? While it’s easy to do it on Math, it’s quite hard to achieve it in the thinking area, because we don’t treat thoughts as numbers and try controlling our thoughts is one of the most difficult tasks ever.

Breathe. Apply what you’ve learned so far and try not to overburden your mind with a million thoughts. Start with the basics, the most important ones ( you know better which ones are they) and keep reminding yourself that thoughts offer you emotions, solutions and also self-drowning. Let them offer you what is it you need and then shut them down, to let your mind relax and process the thoughts you chose to follow~


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