(Im) perfect

The two letters in front (of the word), we’re dreading to accept. Are we (im)perfect?

What’s with the obsession, really? Does anybody guarantee that as long as we reach perfection, we’ll automatically feel the ultimate happiness or even, the serenity we so much desire? Trying for all of our lives, to be perfect is such a smart, evolutionary and…. vicious circle. But it’s perfect to be (im)perfect.

The circle of reaching perfection begins with the conviction that we’re not good enough. That, of course, means that the moment we want to become better ( and ultimately perfect ) at something, we start the majestic journey of evolution. We work hard to evolve, to see a better version of ourselves and that’s something quite admirable, considering that in order to do that, an objective self-awareness is much needed. ( a very rare virtue ). Is it all about being perfect though?

In the process of doing so, we forget to breathe. To remind ourselves that we need to stop for a second, and admire all the things we’ve accomplished so far. Things we take for granted because we have yet to reach our own level of perfection. But isn’t a trait of perfection to actually appreciate who we are and how we got here? Is it really wise to hurry to a destination that’s not meant to be known, only to touch a treasure that we believe, is our holy grail?

Breathe, be you for a while, appreciate everything around you and then go on. But sometimes, us people, manage to misinterpret the actual meaning of the healthy love and appreciation we must have for ourselves. We use it to our advantage, claiming to be fine the way we are, but in truth, we just convinced ourselves that we’ll never make it. Pride doesn’t allow to admit defeat, so using a colorful and convenient tactic to prove that we have an objective self-awareness, gives us a fake acceptance we desperately need.

And then, there’s the other end. We’re afraid to stop for a second because we find no point in stopping. We feel like nothing can be valued if we don’t reach perfection first. What’s hiding behind that pursuit? What are we really looking for? Power? Ambition? Accepted by the ones we love/value the most?  It’s quite ironic. We forget to live, because of the way we formed our way of living.

Standing still for a second to look around us, is not a form of weakness. Is a much-needed pause, to remind ourselves that we’re not robots. We’re mythical creatures that can alter reality to their flourishment or their destruction! If we have such power, we can definitely find the Golden Section between evolution for our benefit, and obsession.

Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.
Salvador Dalí

If we hunt evolution to an obsessive point, we should consider the fact that, once we reach it, there will be no more room for evolution. Simply because we will be perfect. Does that make perfection … boring?

The best use of our beautiful mind is to logically think that, since it’s natural to be creatures with flaws, let’s embrace it. And playfully accept our imperfections, like the time I ate the last slice of pizza, that was meant for my best friend and accused my flawed human nature of it. 😛

We’re human and that’s the beauty of it. We’re perfectly capable of being perfect, just for being imperfect. ~


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