The Greek Factor

What happens to the young spirit when a country cannot provide the basic needs to nurture a promising productivity for an upgrading future? Let me present you the current greek situation, through my eyes of course. 


Politics won’t be involved. There is no need for that after all, since politics should exist to create a better template for the world, not for people to get triggered and emotionally killed over different political beliefs.

I wanted to make this article a little more personal. As a young greek individual, trying to survive a crisis on every level. I remember myself as a teenager, seeing life full of drama and potential, wanting to explore the world and every possibility. Teenage years are sure emotionally hard but dreams are born for the future and since hormones are at their peak, enthusiasm embraces a ton of colourful ideas and raw creativity and emotion.

This is how teenage years should be, except that, here, we didn’t have time for those ideal moments. Most of us had to think of jobs that would provide us a stable income, so we would be able to survive with ”dignity”. That, of course, instantly kills the idealism of dreams and especially the artists who were born to create a parallel universe to reality.

I consider people who love their job, the luckiest ones. You get to do what you want the most and make a living out of it. Practically, it’s not work, it’s your personal way of living. Unfortunately, the amount of people I see around here doing what they love is depressingly little. Most of us struggle to find a job, any job, and finding a job according to our liking is practically a miracle and even if we do, it’s so badly paid that we can’t afford to live. For us, seeing someone with a well-paid job he/she loves, is like seeing fireworks for the first time. The awe is real.

Greece is Europe’s temptress. It combines every factor for beauty and success. Mild climate, surrounded by sea, beautiful islands, well-known mountains, rich history, delicious cuisine, unique greek hospitality. It’s such a pity to see a country with such potential, losing youngsters and dim the opportunity for greatness, due to greed.

I see a beautiful country full of people with no money to enjoy what it has to offer. I see young people full of aspirations, leaving their country to go somewhere where they can be valued. I see broken spirits everywhere around me, or settled spirits who hide their insecurities behind a very convenient sentence  ” Oh well, what can you do. ” I see people gossiping even more than usual, not because they are meaner, but because talking about something else while adding unnecessary importance to it, somehow makes the problem seemingly disappear for a while.

Our ancestors fought like lions for our freedom. I suggest we fight for ours. In a different sense, of course. But the way we are behaving now is far from free. We are prisoners of our own emotions, anger, betrayal, despair. Let us not focus so much in the past, because what happened, happened, and we cannot change it. What we can do though, is to not repeat the same mistakes that got us here. My suggestion is to do the best we can with what we are given, to help improve the situation.

Under no circumstances am I to suggest that someone should stay if there is absolutely nothing for him/her here. All I’m saying is that if we stop accusing one another and hiding, maybe something good will come out of it, right? Fighting and winning in an ideal environment is not so much an accomplishment but an inevitability. But winning a fighting under harsh circumstances, is what makes the winner a personal hero. Let us not settle for nothing less than we deserve and create hope inside hopeless situations.~





  1. 7 says:

    The Fountain is a great movie (first gif).
    Your article is, as always, a good read. Enjoying your stories the most. 🙂

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