The power of Silence… vol2

We spend so many years trying to learn how to talk, how to write, how to playfully use words, in order to show every kind of emotion. And for many years, you thought that the actual answers of an individual’s mystery and personal story, hide behind their words. 

More often than not, the opposite happens. Since people used to rely on their words too much, our way of protecting ourselves over vacant words, is to not believe them. One of the most brilliant spiritual defence mechanisms ever created, is trying to learn someone(‘s motives) through their silence, not their words.

” Why did they choose not to say something?” not ” Why did they say it? ”. Because the answer to why did they say it, might be a little too obvious, it won’t necessarily lead you to what the person is trying to express, or hide. But when you think why a person is choosing to stay silent over a matter, or in general, this is where you start asking all the right questions, to get the right answers.


Appreciate silent people. Listen to them. Carefully. Don’t mistake them for ignorants or unsympathetic. They’re quite the opposite, they just don’t need to justify it with words. They learned to operate in silence, for all they want is people who can read between the lines they don’t say.

Just because they rely on the unspoken, they tend to form deep relationships that last for a lifetime. Either it’s about love, or friendship. Although it’s harder for them to find their other half when it comes to love, because most people consider them cold, unapproachable and insensitive, because they choose to express their affection in their own, unique way, which is mostly not << socially acceptable>>.

This is why they stick to their silence. They prefer it that way, because it cancels every norm they refuse to be a part of. They hate superficiality in everything they do or feel and unfortunately sometimes they believe that their inner voice will be heard over the timid noice of the world.

While they are perfect capable of managing their own life and enjoying their moments of solitude, they do feel the intense need of being deeply close in an emotional and spiritual level with another human being, because the experience is beyond every fantasy .

Patience is the key with those silent, amazing creatures. You’ll need to re-learn everything you’ve known so far to code them, to be able to understand their way of living, their line of thought. Once you’ll begin to realise the way they see the world, you’ll feel instantly in love with the world within their eyes.

They won’t say ”I love you” as easily and often as other people might, but their way of showing affection is one of the kind. They make you have that unshakable sense of security, that no matter what happens, they will be there.

I won’t dig into their backround as to why they chose to be silent, because that’s a matter of personal choice and each individual holds a different story. I will say though, that they are mythical creatures who deserve to be valued for who they are. We learn from them so let’s also learn to love them and not try to change them to whatever fit our own needs. It will destroy their uniqueness, a uniqueness we so desperately want to find and once we do, we want to change it.~


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