Do you know what to feel about time?

Yeah, me neither. Is there a ”correct” answer to such a question? It depends on the relationship that every individual has with time, or, alas, should there be any relation with time, at all? My next article, click here and let me know your opinion about time! 😉


An article about fear

Use your perception of fear to your advantage.

There isn’t a single human being alive, who’s not afraid of something.

The only difference is, others admit it and others try to hide it. It’s magnificent when you notice people and how they react to their fears, to their own selves when it comes to their fear.

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(Im) perfect

The two letters in front (of the word), we’re dreading to accept. Are we (im)perfect?

What’s with the obsession, really? Does anybody guarantee that as long as we reach perfection, we’ll automatically feel the ultimate happiness or even, the serenity we so much desire? Trying for all of our lives, to be perfect is such a smart, evolutionary and…. vicious circle. But it’s perfect to be (im)perfect.

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