A memorable trip to Rome with friends

How to have a great trip to Rome with your friends while you’re on a budget.

Our trip to Rome
My lovely group of 6

My lovely group of 6, had an amazing idea for us to go somewhere in Europe for 3 days. We decided that a trip to Rome was a perfect idea.

Rome is a city we all fell in love with, and in only 3 days, we managed to experience so many things, I even find myself hard to believe. Historical sightseeing, local cuisine, nightlife and loads of laughter later, this city became my sweet nostalgia and our trip to Rome a memorable experience.

We decided, booked the tickets in advance and made up our minds that we would have a great time, while we were on a budget. It seemed like we walked endlessly to be able to see as much as possible within 3 days, and the amount of sightseeing we did was truly remarkable.


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