3 reasons Crete is the must, budget-friendly trip

3 Reasons Why Crete Is a Must, and Greece’s most precious Jewelry.

Chania, Irakleio, Rethymno!

Aside from those 3 reasons that will make your holidays in  Crete a trip to remember, I’m going to give you all the essential information you need ( navigation, budget-friendly solutions, the excitement of the adventure ) 

1) Chania

The most famous destination for holidays in Crete is undoubtedly Chania. Chania is one of the top destinations.


Beautiful Chania
Beautiful Chania



So, keep your Google Maps on your one hand and a bottle of water on the other! Being a proud Greek, I guarantee that Chania will become your favorite place to visit. Beautiful beaches, nightlife, delicious food in tavernas. Either you travel with your family, your other half or with friends, there are loads of activities to explore and create precious memories.



I have found the perfect post with what you can do in Chania, various activities for you to choose from, here.


Budget-friendly essentials :

Camping lovers!


Grammeno beach, Paleochora, Chania
Grammeno beach



If you are a camping lover who enjoys nature and the simplest times to the maximum, the best places in Chania to camp is Grammeno and Wild Nature Eco-Lodge camp.



Camping is the ultimate experience and if you enjoy the experience as well, I would highly recommend spending at least a few days camping because the most divine feeling during your vacation is sleeping or waking up literally next to the sea ( or the spot you like the most )! Not to mention that is one of the top budget-friendly solutions!

A picture of how Wild Nature Eco-Lodge Camp is
Wild Nature Eco-Lodge Camp


There is no secret that Airbrb is the new holy grail of finding a suitable place to live while you are on vacation. From the simplest to the more exquisite rooms, Airbnb will make your holidays to Crete easier and simpler than ever. Simply press the link and make your own alterations to find the perfect place for you, without making your pocket suffer!

Side tip: Always check with the customer reviews to have a general idea, reviews are important!


2) Irakleio

As the capital of Crete, Irakleio holds a historical ambiance. Spending a few days in Irakleio is essential, due to the high volume of places it has to offer. Old Town, the palace of Knossos, Irakleion Archeological Museum  ( which was voted by the Lonely Planet as the top choice museum in Irakleio ) Historical Musem of Crete, Cretaquarium Thalassocosmos, El Greco Museum ( 28 km west of Irakleio ) are few of the things you can discover in Irakleio and will cover any taste of sightseeing.  Use your magnificent tent to camp or rent with Airbnb for a couple of days to discover the city of Irakleio, and then let’s hit the road for more Creta!

A picture of the cretaquarium thalassocosmos, Irakleio, Crete
Cretaquarium Thalassocosmos





All you can do in Irakleio, in a nutshell, for more analysis the ones

A picture of a beach in Irakleio, Crete
Amoundara beach, Irakleio, Crete

who will want to explore to the very depth of it, here.





3) Rethymno


Rethymno's beach, Preveli
Preveli beach, Rethymno

Rethymno is being loved by many. It has a special place in their heart and my personal experience says it’s because it has a warm beauty and

subconsciously feels like home, even if it’s the first time visiting it!  Not only it has breathtaking beaches, but historical sight-seeing, and exploring of the Arkadi Monastery and more. In this link, I found gathered the top activities you can do in Rethymno! Dig in, literally and see your many possibilities, and yet another proof that in our largest island, you will never be bored but rather, you’ll need to have some good time-management skills to be able to see as much as possible!

Rethymno's beach, Episkopi
Episkopi, Rethymno beach




Tip: You can find in all three places and pretty much everywhere in Crete, places to camp and rooms with Airbnb, my suggestion is the combination of both to fully experience the whole adventure! 


So, this is your turn! Let me know what you would want to see first, how would you plan your trip and if you’ve already been there, comment where and what did you like the most!



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