Untold stories

Erin and Mark (part 4)

Mark woke up with a headache. He looked at his guitar across the room. He couldn’t believe what happened. After so long, he saw the one girl who managed to steal what was left of his heart. He was amazed that they both managed to pull up with this act ; that they didn’t know each other.

He stood up and got his guitar. He started playing that song he played when we saw Erin last night. He didn’t know what he was feeling. Maybe shocked, by the fact that after all this time, he still felt that rush every time he saw her.

Mark was able to feel every kind of emotion when it came to music, touching his guitar, singing, getting lost in his music. But when it came to relationships, human interaction, he wouldn’t feel something specific. You could easily assume that he was passionate and neutral at the same time. Two quite opposite forces, which usually made Mark wonder, as to what exactly he was feeling and why.

He was in love with passion, he loved a flirtatious flow but he wouldn’t easily give in to someone. He enjoyed his solitude very much, maybe to a concerning level.

When he first met Erin, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Not only because she was beautiful, but there was something about her. Not usual. Something that Mark could translate by the way she chose to speak, to move around, to use her body language. For the first time, Mark felt something. He didn’t know what it was, he couldn’t specify it. He did nothing to find out though. The power of that raw emotion scared him and he returned to his solitude, secretly wishing he’d see her again.

And he did. Ever since they saw each other, they’d meet all the time, not on purpose though, which made the situation mysteriously ideal. Mark wanted to show her that he wanted to get to know her better but didn’t know how which was more of a surprise for him, since he always knew what to say and how. But to her, he felt like if he somehow didn’t say the right thing, he would lose his opportunity forever. So everytime he had to decide what to do, he would just stand there, doing nothing. He didn’t want to risk losing her even though she wasn’t his to lose.

That was before Erin smiled when she saw him looking at her. He was then determined to go talk to her. And eventually, to realise how come his broken soul found interest in something other than music.~


To be continued…


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