Untold stories

Erin and Mark (part 5)

Erin woke up the next day from a nightmare. Last time she had this kind of nightmare she woke up next to Mark. She was feeling relieved seeing him next to her. He could easily understand her needs, and every time she would wake up from a nightmare, he would calm her and make her forget the unforgiven past.

She just stood there for a while and then she stood up. She sat near the window and looked up. She wanted to forget the fact that the bond she had with Mark was both weirdly indifferent and unique at the same time. They could understand eachother perfectly, but that didn’t mean that they liked everything they understood, or that they could handle it.

Erin remembered the first time she smiled at Mark. Intimidating by nature, Erin didn’t seem to care about many things, apart from music and art. She wasn’t involved in music, she just liked the feeling music could inflict on her. She would put on her favorite playlist and then she would start drawing, like nothing else mattered.

Erin could easily track an artist inside a crowd. Slightly neurotic, usually the soul of the party, or the quite opposite. It’s like they’d possess a certain aura around them that Erin would want to immediately know about. Mark was one of them, she knew, the moment she looked at him. So she smiled at him, without second thought, as if she found some short of comfort.

She thought that, she could only be her true self with someone who would find her weirdness acceptable and her freedom totally addicting.

It was one of those days where Erin and her friends would go out for a casual drink and she’d meet Mark there again. Every time she’d see him, she would feel at ease and unease at the same time. She could not understand why a single presence could cause such bipolar feeling. But she was somewhat afraid to find out.

He was with his friends as well but everytime he would look towards Erin, she would be able to feel it inside her veins. She wanted him to make some move, to show her that he’s intrested, but she was dreading the moment at the same time. So when he watched him leave, she felt like she’d dodged a bullet.

Her phone rang after 10 minutes (it was her past calling) and she went out to talk. After she was done, she turned around to get inside again and Mark was at the door. They accidentally came so close to eachother, that there was only one thing left to say;

” This is it, isn’t it. ” , said Mark.

Erin smiled.


…….To be continued~


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