Untold stories

Erin and Mark ( part 6 )

Julian ( Mark’s best friend ) knocked on his door. It was quite early in the morning and Mark was still alseep.

” Come on man, wake up! ” Julian shouted.

Mark got up, wondering what the hell happened so early in the morning and opened the door.


” What the fuck man, did you have a dream about me or something? ” Mark said.

” Oh come on, it’s not even that early! I wanna talk to you man. ”

” Alright, alright, come on in, psycho. ”

Mark grabbed his quitar and started tuning it. He didn’t say anything, he was waiting for Julian to start talking.

” I know it may sound weird but… it’s about a girl.”

Mark looked up smiling.

” Wow man, you wanted to talk to about a girl so early in the morning? ”

” It’s different this time. ” said Julian.

” I was trying to get to know her better but she was somewhat distant, relatively cold but so beautiful, at the same time. ”

” You sure are a little poet! ” Mark said mockingly.

He was very surprised to see his best friend talk like that. Julian was shy, and even though people would consider Julian more attractive as a figure, Mark was more charming and spontaneous, while Julian more careful and methodical, especially towards women.

Julian only had one serious relationship in his life, with a girl named Margie. She was controlling and easily jealous, something that made Julian want to skip all the ”natural” relationship drama. He thought, back then, that if he would make her see that there was absolutely no reason for her to be jealous, they would finally be a good match, but… He soon realised that a person doesn’t always need guidance, but rather, will in order to make a change for the better.


” She’s nothing like any other girl I’ve ever met, Mark. Dude, seriously, she’s so intimidating and carefree at the same time, it scares me. She gives me the impression that I don’t know if I will be able to keep her with me. ”

” So, basically, you’re telling me that you fell for a girl that makes you feel insecure? That’s not like you at all, pal. Why make your life harder? ” Mark said.

” Nah, it’s not like that. She does absolutely nothing to make me feel insecure, she’s easy-going, polite and always with a smile and a good mood. I don’t know man, it’s something about her. I visited her at the gallery where she works, a couple of times and tried to talk to her and stuff… You know. I managed to ask her out yesterday. ”

” MY BOY HAS A DATE!? ” Mark said jokingly.

” Come on man don’t mock me. I’m actually nervous. ”

” Don’t be. Be yourself man, enjoy it. But boy, am I dying to meet the girl who crushed your mind of what. ”

Mark went towards the window to check out the beautiful sunny weather.

” Haha, you will man. Maybe you remember her, we first saw her at the jazz bar, a month ago where you sang. It was the girl who had her birthday that day, her name’s Erin Anderson. ”

Mark froze. It was Erin. The girl who had a secret past with, a past nobody knew. It was her. Mark tried to pull himself together quickly, so that Julian wouldn’t find his silence mysterious….



To be continued…




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