Untold stories

Erin and Mark ( part 3 )

Erin was once more on her way to work. Her mind was full of ideas but also stress due to her big presentation today. She was of course a well-known artist, but everytime her work would go public, she would have those horrid couple of days where she would doubt her talent and her existence altogether, just because she believed that she could paint better. 

Her birthday was coming up ; though of course that was the last thing on her mind. The only thing she could think about was her beautiful canvas; the very first time she touched a canvas and the eternal feeling that rushed through her soul. She knew she wanted to be a painter right then and there. She was only 7 but yet, she chose to seal her destiny by drawing all over it.

Erin was one of those people who would easily lose interest if she wasn’t constantly challenged; something that would be exhausting for her, at times. All she wanted to feel was security and wild freedom at the same time. Since drawing was her only way of escaping reality, it also became her sweet addiction. Her way of telling the world that human existence is something more than breathing and just be.

She reached the gallery thinking how she would deal with all of the people looking at her pieces. Human interaction was something that she was both terrible and amazing at.

Aydan ( the owner of the gallery ) looked at her and smiled.

” Relax. The exhibition’s gonna be great. Your pieces are unique and amazing. ”

Erin smiled nervously. She turned and looked at one of her pieces. Her colours reassured her and she felt at peace. While being lost in her nirvana, Aydan interrupted her ;

” Well, since our neurotic artist has her birthday coming up soon, we decided to go somewhere nice to celebrate. ” said Aydan while waving a handful of tickets.

Erin smiled as she remembered that in a few days would become one year older. But that did take the pressure of her mind and felt honored to have beautiful hearts around her. Her faith in humanity got stronger, so when the exhibition started, Erin would shine as bright as her pieces.

There was this moment though. Her moment of choice, back then. Him, or her passion for canvas. She chose the canvas. Because for her, it wasn’t a matter of choice, painting was her survival, her way of breathing. But every time she would breathe through her colours, she would miss him.

The night was a success and Erin went home exhausted but happy. She woke up with a bunch of new ideas of what to draw, and she started drawing from the beginning of the next day, hours and hours. She would feel so beautifully lost, as if time could not affect her, nothing could. It was her and her expression, a dimension between heaven and hell.

Doorbell rang  and interrupted her once more. She opened the door feeling numb. Aydan looked at her. She was full of paint all over with a gaze wondering why was she interrupted.

” Oh my. Get ready, everybody’s waiting for your birthday party! ”

” Is that today. Ah…. I totally forgot. Alright I’ll be ready in a second ”

” I’m not surprised you forgot! Now, hurry! ”

In less than 30 minutes Aydan and Erin were at the jazz bar. Erin got all enthusiastic about the bar choice, since she loved music so much. She sat down, and the program started. Nobody would wish her happy birthday, but she never wondered why.

After two songs, and while Erin was mesmerized by the jazz music, her friends stood up and started singing happy birthday to her while the waiter was coming closer with a beautiful cake with every colour possible on it. Erin got surprised. While her friends were singing, the bar owner stood up and announced

” And now we have an upcoming music star singing for us today, Mark Stevens! ”

” Make a wish Erin, and blow the candles! ” Said Aydan.

Erin froze, as she heard the name ” Mark ” and saw him walk the stage and sit down with his quitar. He looked at her and froze at the same time. While being frozen, she blew the candles. Mark started playing his quitar, with almost no breath…

…. to be continued.


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